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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ultrasound? Most likely, the child waiting moments. Namely, this is the most widely known area for utilising ultrasound.
It is also an excellent device to easily examine how our body works without any interventions, detecting abnormalities.
Just to mention some other organs of the body the ultrasound is good for: thyroid, arthritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, abdominal ultrasound, ultrasound examination of the heart or even a breast ultrasound can help doctors find the source of the disease.
A special area is the so-called Doppler examination of the carotid arteries. It differs from the common ultrasound examination in that it is not only able to detect the position and size of the organs, but also the direction and speed of blood flow in blood vessels.
Did you know? In Noé Health Centre we can conduct and ultrasound examination within 48 hours.There are no waiting lists, no uncomfortable waiting for weeks!

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