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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The Noé Egészségközpont website (, hereinafter: Website) is operated by Dr.Art Kft. (6721 Szeged, Bárka utca 1, hereinafter: Operator).

By using the Website you accept the following terms and conditions. Our colleagues shall gladly help you with the understanding of the following legal or technical terms.

I Data disclosure during any registration on the website is voluntary.

Personal data are managed by Dr. Art Kft in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information. The Operator shall not disclose to any third party the data managed by it unless with the relevant person’s express written consent, except where such disclosure is required by the law.

The purposes for which personal data are collected are always revealed on the page where the Operator asks you to enter this type of data.

Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has recorded the personal data management carried out on the Website in data protection register with the following registration ID: website –

When downloading certain portions of this Website, small data files (‘cookies’) are automatically placed on your computer, which in some cases contain your personal information). You will not receive additional notice from the Operator, if this occurs. The data files are necessary to operate certain features on the Website; during your visits, the previous data files will be sent to the Operator. You can block all activities related to the data files; the exact description on how to do this can be found on your browser’s Help page.

When accessing the Website, some parameters of your computer and the IP address are recorded in a log file. The information is only used for statistical purposes; the Operator uses them exclusively for Website development. The IP address and the log file in some cases may be considered as personal data.

The Operator shall destroy your personal data after the purpose of their use has expired or at your request.

II Regarding that the Internet is an open, unsecure network, the Operator disclaims any liability for damages arising from the destruction, delayed transmission or other errors of electronically transmitted messages.

III The content of the Website is the Operator’s intellectual property unless otherwise indicated.

Intellectual products of third parties published by the Operator (such as articles, studies) may be used within the framework of Act LXXVI of 1999. Any other use shall be subject to the relevant author’s consent.

IV The content of the Website does not under any circumstances constitute medical, health advice, the Operator has placed it purely for informational purposes.

The Operator disclaims any liability for the content of offers, advertisements and information displayed on the Website.

Content downloaded from any external links on the Website (links to URL’s outside the domain) is not controlled by the Operator. If the owner of such a link so requests, the Operator shall delete or modify such link.