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Occupational medicine

According to the current legislation, all companies operating in Hungary should provide occupational health care for their employees.

Mandatory medical examinations may be related to the following:

Preliminary examination: when a new employee is hired

Periodic test: repeated periodically depending on the job description. An office worker and a butcher employee obviously fall into different categories both from the point of view of type and frequency of examinations.

Unscheduled suitability examinations: After long-term sick leave, in case of a change in working conditions and after a workplace accident.

Few people are aware that the occupational doctor’s task does not end here.

An occupational medicine specialist helps prepare a risk analysis at the workplace, they also provide information about the protective equipment and both the employer and the employee are to contact an occupational physician when obtaining suitability examination necessary for different types of driver’s licenses.

For many, especially if the staff is quite large, it poses a problem to keep track of the regular examinations. We will take this burden off your shoulders and let you know as the deadline is approaching, so that you can take care of the referrals.

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