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Osteoporosis is considered to be the elderly women’ disease, but it may concern men, too. Over forty we reach the age when bones start to gradually disappear. Prevention is very important in this area. Namely, under 40, with paying little attention we are able to reach the period of our lives when our bones are thinning in a better shape.

What should we do? Keep these 5 rules to preserve the health of your bones:

1 Pamper your bodies with enough calcium!

2 Build with vitamin D!

3 Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight!

4 Be in motion, exercise regularly!

5 Screening keeps you informed

Over the age of forty it is worth going to screening. Specialist examination and special laboratory examination reveals the state of your bones. If family history predispositions you to the disease, it is even more important to pay attention and go to the screenings. Based on the results the specialist may advise separate Calcium and vitamin D intake above dietary levels and supplements containing complex active ingredients.

Noé Health Centre Lunascreening helps you with this. Its content:

Special laboratory tests (Ca, ß-CrossLaps, osteocalcin, parathyroid hormone, urinary Ca, P) and rheumatology examination.

The package is now available at a discounted price. Fee with a discount: 35,000 HUF

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