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Dermatological screening

Did you know that the number of skin lesions has increased recently?

Our body’s first protective zone is the skin, which thus reacts with sensitivity to chemicals and heat. And these environmental impacts are unfortunately becoming more intensive and more aggressive.

It is worth visiting our specialist annually or when you discover a skin lesion, especially if you belong to the group at risk.

Who are in the group at risk?

– people with blonde hair, blue eyes, pale complexion

– people with many birthmarks of different colour and form

– people who have skin cancer patients in their family

– people who sunbathe regularly, or do work in the sun, or go to the tanning salon

– people in adolescence, when the number of moles may increase because of changes in the organism and other disorders may develop hyperthyroidism

The screening is painless, the dermatologist uses a dermatoscope to examine skin lesions in the whole of the body, including the scalp.

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