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Centre for family planning and infertility counselling

We experience huge joy when we finally find our significant other, and it is also a huge blessing to have a child crown our relationship.

Waiting many time couples with anxiety
• What should we do if the much-anticipated baby has yet to come?
• We would like a child: Are we health enough, are we capable enough?
• How should we prepare for the big task?
• Should we fear the possible hereditary illnesses? How big is the risk factor?
• We are afraid of the responsibility! We want it too much! Could this be the reason it is not happening?

Our team of professionals is looking for answers to these and other similar questions.
We and your partner are eager to find the best solution as soon as possible!

Dr. Andrea Barabás Belláné
in vitro fertilization (IVF)
biologist / counsellor

Dr. Virág Márton
Dr. Éva Pap
clinical geneticist

Related areas of expertise: complete laboratory test (histology, microbiology,
chemical, hormonal, genetic), internal medicine, diabetology, ultrasound diagnostics

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