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Our body is like a house. When it is newly built, everything works properly. With time certain mistakes appear, which need correcting.

A good owner does not wait to take action when there is a problem, but checks the devices, maintains the windows, doors, walls and all the elements of the house.

Similarly, it is worthwhile checking whether our organism works well, since we can prevent illnesses this way, or may discover diseases in their early stages, when they are still curable. Our organism is often sending us warning signs: we are tired, moody, irritable, would like to sleep all the time or on the contrary, struggle with insomnia. It is worth going to a general screening test, whether we experience any abnormality or would like to know if everything is working fine.

Noé Health Centre is there to help you. We put special emphasis on prevention.

Our general condition assessment, Active contains the following examinations:

Lab tests (blood count, liver function, kidney function, blood lipids, VC, t-urine sedimentation, TSH), ECG, blood pressure and pulse measurement, abdominal-pelvic ultrasound, internal medical examination.

The package is now available at a discounted price, for altogether 45,000 HUF.

If you would like to know if everything is ok with you, call us now!


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