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Feeling dizzy? Ringing in the ears? Do you lose your balance often? You can’t coordinate your movement? If you move your head you feel dizzy? Do you suffer from general feeling of insecurity?

In cases like this it is worth paying a visit to the otoneurologist, i.e. a specialist able to examine your sense of balance.

Dizziness is the most frequent reason patients visit a doctor. Dizziness is caused by the fact that the information getting to the central nervous system do not meet and therefore cause imbalance and dizziness. Dizziness often goes hand in hand with other uncomfortable symptoms: the patient often feels nausea, is pale and sweating. The aim of an otoneurological examination is to get a proper picture of the patient’s organ of balance. After the examination the specialist makes a decision about the therapy and about whether further examination (otolaryngological or neurological examination) is necessary. The specialist may require laboratory tests, too.

It is important to know that tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. There may be many reasons for its development, only a specialist examination can give a precise answer.

If you feel dizzy, under no circumstances should you arrive to the surgery alone, have a family member of a friend accompany you!

What do we do at the examination?

  • We talk about spontaneous sensing of symptoms
  • We carry out provocative examinations, i.e. we try to induce the symptoms to see its circumstances and set a diagnosis
  • We conduct a precise diagnosis-efficient therapy

Since the origin of the problem may stem from several sources, we set up a team of experts in order to be able to set up a comprehensive diagnosis in one place, with consulting the experts.

Members of the otoneurological team:

Dr. Vera Matievics ear-nose-throat specialist, clinical audiologist, otoneurologist

Dr. János Jarabián ear-nose-throat specialist, clinical audiologist, otoneurologist

Dr. Gabriella Gárdián neurologist

Dr. Cecília Rajda neurologist

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Dr. János Jarabin


Dr. János Jarabin
Otoneurology examination+ hearing test<
20 000 HUF

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