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Do you have hearing problems? You hear, but you don’t understand others speak? Do you hear ringing, buzzing in your ear? Does your partner put TV on maximum volume? Does your child not pay attention and keep asking you to repeat what you have said? Is your speech incorrect, do you mistake sounds?

Then you need your ears examined. Visit us!

Audiology examination with clinical audiometer: auditory threshold, speech threshold, determining speech comprehension. Tuning fork examination

Objective tests: tympanometry and acoustic impedance determination, stapedius reflex, reflex fatigue and analysis of Eustachian tube function.

Our expert team members:

Dr. Erzsébet Katona head physician, counsellor: hearing rehabilitation, total range of hearing aid supply (OEP-financed (i.e. financed by National Health Insurance Fund)

Dr. Vera Matievics clinical audiologist

Dr. János Jarabián clinical audiologist

Mrs Lajos Rákos assistant

Tünde Arany assistant

Rendelési idő

Dr. János Jarabin


Dr. János Jarabin
Otoneurology examination+ hearing test<
20 000 HUF

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