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Are you waiting for an operation and are afraid of the pain? Are you feeling anxious about anaesthesia? Would you like a pain-free operation? Do you know what the difference between general and local anaesthesia is?

When painful examinations, interventions or operations are to take place, the doctor may require the presence of an anaesthesiologist, who is there to ensure painlessness. Anaesthesiologist assesses a patient’s condition before any surgical intervention and determines the conditions necessary for the intervention to be carried out safely. The anaesthesiologist also proposes whether the intervention should be carried out under general anaesthesia, or rather with the application of local, anaesthesia.

Methods used today are safe and work well. Each general or local anaesthesia should be preceded by a consultation with an anaesthesiologist in which the anaesthesiologist shall interview the patient in detail about their current and previous medical conditions, and shall request information regarding all known or possible allergic diseases.

The surgical anaesthesia is required on the one hand to make the interventions painless, on the other hand to exclude muscle and tendon reflexes, which would prevent the surgeon to work accurately and smoothly.

The anaesthesiologist is with the patient from applying the anaesthetic until waking up, monitoring and taking care of the patient.

Please ask the anaesthesiologist all the questions you are concerned about, it is of vital importance that the patients trusts their anaesthesiologist.

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