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Surgery, vascular surgery

Surgery, vascular surgery

Do you have a hernia? Do you need wound treatment, bandage replacement? Do you suffer from hemorrhoids? Does and ingrown nail cause you pain? Are there any alterations on the surface of the skin or underneath it? Have you discovered a wart? Are your struggling with varicose veins?

All these problems can be treated, visit our specialist! During surgical outpatient care there is possibility for consultation and our specialist doctor is able to perform minor outpatient procedures. In addition to the treatment of hernias and gallstones, treatment of breast tumors, wound treatment and bond replacement is also available at our surgery. You may visit our specialist with rectal symptoms (e.g. hemorrhoids), who shall perform surgery to remove lesions on the surface of the skin (warts, scars, skin tumors) or subcutaneous (e.g. fatty tumors).

Main areas of expertise of our vascular surgery specialist: varicose vein surgery, abdominal artery, hip and lower extremity arterial vasoconstriction intervention solution, hybrid vascular surgery, vascular surgical treatment of carotid stenoses.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, the patient can leave after the procedure.

If more serious intervention is necessary in the opinion of specialists, hospital care has been justified, but the discussion of medical history and examination shall be performed by our specialist.


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