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How can we recognise if we, our family member or friend requires help from a psychiatrist?

The appearance of symptoms of mental illness are often linked to a specific crises (such as divorce, death, work-related problems), but it can also be a life situation, such as puberty, or a prolonged process of anxiety, which in itself has some symptoms difficult to bear.

Symptoms such as behavioural disorder, attention deficit disorder, sleep disorder or compulsive behaviours, anorexia, bulimia, panic disorder, depression can be traced back to a number of background processes.

Sometimes a prolonged dermatological or internal disease may cause concern for our doctor or for ourselves, namely that the treatment is fairly unsuccessful due psychological reasons (psychosomatic illness) that could hinder the physical healing. A prolonged or serious physical illness can deplete our emotional resources and coping abilities and we may feel that we have no more strength to the fight, or we might start to perceive the symptoms of depression ourselves.

Adults suffering from panic attacks or depression and adolescents struggling with puberty problems are many times ashamed of their mental problems. Despite the fact that it is in these situations that a psychiatrist is helpful.

A private psychiatric surgery offer solution to those patients, who become anxious when in a crowd or when having to wait, they require a confident atmosphere and a calming environment.

In addition to adult psychiatry, Noé Health Centre operates pediatric psychiatry, too.

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