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NEW!  Noé Centre for family planning and infertility counselling If you would like a child, if the long-awaited baby blessing is delayed, if you would like to get examined due to hereditary diseases, book an appointment in our Centre!

A woman’s life is characterised by different changes, sometimes joyful, sometimes problematic.

The changes and the states related to them are usually well perceived. Such as for example irregular periods or the symptoms of vaginal infection.

There are however some diseased which are dormant and surface only at an advanced stage. This is why prevention, annual cancer screening and vaccination if possible before becoming a woman are of vital importance. All these prevent the development of cervical cancer or keep it in the early stage of development, when it can still be treated.

Another large area of gynecology is conception. There are women struggling with infertility though wanting a child. Other women consider it important to find the most optimal contraception method.

The most joyful event in the life of an obstetrician gynecologist is supporting pregnancy: prenatal care, pregnancy tests, ultrasound in pregnancy and childbirth reconciliation.

Gynecology in the Noé Health Centre can be found in a peaceful area of downtown Szeged. If you do not want to be waiting among numerous patients and late afternoon and evening appointments fit your schedule better, book an appointment for our surgery.

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