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Do you have hay fever, eye inflammation, are you sneezing? Do you have eczema on your skin? It itches, it has dried out and cracked? Maybe red, swollen, spotted? Do these symptoms appear at the same each year?

If you are familiar with these symptoms, it is worth contacting up our allergology surgery. Allergology is the area involved in preventing, diagnosing and treating allergies.

Allergy is a widely common disease in Hungary, anyone can be allergic to something regardless of their sex or age.

The symptoms are also variable, depending on what has caused them. In case of pollen allergy the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose and eyes is the most common symptom. This disease is sometimes accompanied by hay fever and in severe cases even an allergic attack.

In case of food allergies certain ingredients in the food case the allergy. The disease may have many other symptoms, tongue, lips and oral cavity may swell, which causes itching. Frequent reactions are vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, eczema, hives, to name just a few.

In case of skin allergies, hives and eczema usually indicate the disease. If the allergens are recognised the symptoms may be reduced, but to reveal the real causes, the specialist should take into account the factors weakening the immune system.

The specialist’s primary purpose is finding out what is causing allergy. Another important step is to prevent the development of symptoms with therapy.

 Allergy is an immunology disease, it is therefore sometimes necessary to involve an immunologist in the treatment of an allergy.

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