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Ladies’ screening

Ladies’ screening

Feeling tired? Or is your annual cancer screening due?

Women’s organism is prone to “exhaustion”, anaemia. This is mainly due to the fact that they need to assume their positions in multiple areas: workplace, family, housekeeping.

We shall help you take care of yourself and your health. Moreover, we are able to conduct these examinations all in one place, within one personal visit. Your task is only to make an appointment for the men’s screening programme and arrive on time, where our helpful doctors with great knowledge shall carry out the examinations in a friendly environment.

Women’s screening programme is called Ladies’ screening

The contents of the screening programme recommended to women: gynecological screenings (cytology, breast examination, vaginal ultrasound) and laboratory test (sedimentation rate, blood count, liver function, Fe, TVK, urine tests).

The package is now available at a discounted price, for altogether 13,500 HUF.

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