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Privacy Policy

Name and registered office of the Service Provider:

Name of the company: Dr. Art Egészségügyi és Művészeti Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Short name of the company: Dr. Art Kft. (Noé Egészségcentrum/Noé Health Centre)

Company register number: 06-09-013225

Registered office of the company: 6725 Szeged, Paprika utca 5.

The company’s sites: 6721 Szeged, Bárka utca 1.

Data handling registration number: NAIH-64935/2013

Hosting Provider and contact details

MAXER Hosting Kft.

Company register number: 0809013763
Tax number: 13670452-2-08


Relevant legislation and directives

Dr. Art Kft. (hereinafter: “Service Provider”), when handling data from their subscribers, clients and partners (hereinafter: “User”), shall validate data handling rules based on Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Public Access to Data of Public Interest; Act CXIX 1995 about natural persons’ name and address data management for the purpose of research and direct marketing; Act VI of 1998 Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data; Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information:

  1. The Service Provider shall require data solely for the purpose of informing its users, billing and collection of related fees, validating receivables, sending newsletters, filling out forms and handling email addresses.
  2. The Users agree to allow the Service Provider handle their personal and special data. The Service Provider states that all data, confidential information and facts entered by the user are handled confidentially. Service Provider reserves the right, however, to hand over personal information to the competent authorities when there is suspicion of misuse or other crimes against the User.
  3. The Service Provider provides its Users the possibility to view the data stored about them at any time, and to be able to modify or delete them if necessary. The Service Provider stores the stored data according to the User’s statement. If the User does not declare otherwise, the Service Provider shall immediately answer the user’s data deletion request by deleting the User’s data (for unsubscribing from the newsletter via the link at the bottom of the newsletter automatically, in case of personal, phone or written request manually).
  4. The data shall be used for other purposes only if you specify the express written consent of those concerned.
  5. Only Service Provider’s colleagues are allowed to look into the Users’ data. Personal data about Users (including email addresses) shall not be delivered to third parties.
  6. The Service Provider may use external services for the purpose of newsletter communication, for which the Service Provider shall enter into agreement with the external service provider. External service provider does not handle personal data. During the newsletter communication the Service Provider is in contact with the following external service providers: Newsletter prepared by: Kontaktia Szolgáltató és Tanácsadó Kft. 6727 Szeged Pilisi utca 6. Newsletter sending system: Mailchimp, service provider: The Rocket Science Group LLC. 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308
  7. The Service Provider shall ensure that the data obtained about the Users during services shall comply with the laws prevailing in Hungary.
  8. The Service Provider shall take all reasonable measures to safeguard the data, but the Service Provider is not liable for damage, destruction or getting into the wrong hands due to technical failures, natural disasters and/or acts of terrorism or crime.
  9. The Service Provider shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that access to your pages is uninterrupted and error free, but the Service Provider does not assume any responsibility for any errors that may occur, that result in the pages not functioning properly and/or data loss.
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