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We are well-aware that children, be they ill or not, are afraid of, or at least startled by people in white coats looking strict.

Many of us at the Noé Health Centre are kind and patient doctors with experience in pediatrics. This makes the children more relaxed and there is no reason for fear. Our returning patients can testify to this.

At the Noé Health Center, our infant and pediatric specialists are dr. Katalin Gábor and dr. Viktória Sümegi.

Further areas of specialty are cardiology for dr. Gábor and renal, rheumatological and autoimmune diseases and symptoms for dr. Sümegi.


Areas of expertise in which pediatric service is provided

You may also count on us in the following cases

Our doctors, who also involved in pediatrics

drbellazsolt   Dr. Zsolt Bella ear-nose-throat specialist

dr. Gábor Katalin    Dr. Katalin Gábor pediatrician, cardiologist

dr. Kovács Réka     Dr. Réka Kovács dermatologist

bőrgyógyász    Dr. Rita Judák dermatologist, allergologist

dr. Sisák Krisztián   Dr. Krisztián Sisák ortopéd szakorvos

Dr. Sümegi Viktória   Dr. Viktória Sümegi infant and pediatric specialits, nephrologist, rheumatologist

dr. Szakács László    Dr. László Szakács ear-nose-throat specialist