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How to prepare for the examination?

How to prepare for the examination?

1 Obligatory list When going to the doctor’s, it is worth taking with you your personal ID card residence card Social Security card previous medical documentation (final report, outpatient card) your logs of different chronic diseases (blood pressure diary, diary of pain, seizure diary, exercise diary) drug list (name of the drug, presentation (how many […]

How much do I have to wait?

Patients book appointments in advance. It may of course happen that either the doctor or the patient are disabled by an unexpected event. Emergency cases have priority. We aim at reducing the waiting time, so in the majority of cases you will be called in at the time you booked the appointment for. Even if […]

What you need to know about the surgery?

Consultation hours depend on the area of expertise. We try to accommodate your free time and your demands. It may occur that the consultation hours indicated here differ from those in reality. It is also worth talking to our call centre colleague in case of an emergency, since they may help you find the doctor.

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