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Dr. Zsolt Simonka

Dr. Zsolt Simonka

I have studied at the University of Szeged General Medical Faculty between 1994 and 2000.

I have received my general practitioner degree with a summa cum laude qualification.

In 2006 I was granted my specialty as a surgeon.

I received a 2-month surgery and traumatology traineeship in Vienna in 2003.

Several of my presentations were awarded, e.g.: 2002 – 10th Congress of Hungarian Society for Surgery of the Hand, Youth Forum, award (1st award), 2003 – MST Young Surgeons’ Forum-presentation (awarded presentation).

I am most interested in these areas within my area of expertise:

– reflux disease

– development of oesophageal disorders

– clinical and molecular biological study of malignant lesions

I am a member of Hungarian Surgical Society and the Hungarian Society of Gastroenterology

At the Noé Health Centre I carry out examinations before and after surgical interventions, I give advice and participate in screening programmes.

If you need a surgical intervention, you may also count on me at the Clinic.

Consultation hours

Specialty consultation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Surgery 17:00-19:00


Examination Price
first examination 20 000 HUF
follow-up 15 000 HUF
prescription 1 000 HUF/p