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Dr. Tekla Kertész

Dr. Tekla Kertész

I graduated from General Medical Faculty of SZOTE in 1987 with summa cum laude honours. I passed my specialisation medical exam in rheumatology and physiotherapy with excellent qualifications.

Since 1 October 1987 I have been working as a rheumatologist at the Szeged division of Vasútegészségügyi Kft. (MÁV Outpatient Clinic).

I am also working at the medical department of Napfényfürdő Spa since 2003.

I was honoured to receive the title of head physician in 2004.

I am a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, Hungarian Association of Rheumatologists and Hungarian Society for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthrology.

I consider it important to be acknowledged both by the patients and by the profession, this is what motivates me during my work.

My main areas of interest are osteoporosis, degenerative diseases of the spine, balneology (effects of spas) and physical therapy.

I am an intermediate user of French.

Consultation hours

Specialty consultation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rheumatology 9:00-11:00


Examination Price
first examination 15 000 HUF
follow-up 12 000 HUF
vaccine injection 5 000 HUF
Dr. Tekla Kertész