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Dr. Rita Judák

Dr. Rita Judák

I am a consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist, allergist and clinical immunologist specialist.

I graduated from Szent-Gyorgyi Albert Medical University, General Medical Faculty in 1982.
After graduating I have worked at the Kecskemét County Hospital’s Dermatology Department for two years and from 1988 at the Szeged Dermatology Clinic’s inpatient and outpatient departments.
In 1991 I received a 3-month scholarship at the University of Innsbruck studying allergology.
I have been the head of Szeged Dermatology Clinic for 10 years.
I have participated both in practical work and scientific research.

Since 2000 I have been working as dermatologist-allergologist at the Szeged division of Vasútegészségügyi Kft. (MÁV Rendelő), and managing the specialist dermatology surgery at the Szeged Dermatology Clinic. Besides general adult and pediatric evaluation and treatment of skin diseases I have outstanding experience in the examination, treatment and care of allergic diseases: chronic urticaria, food and chemicals – drug allergies, congenital eczema (atopic dermatitis).

As a general adult and pediatric dermatologist I can help with the following problems: fungal, bacterial, viral infections, eczema, skin cancer, adolescent acne, autoimmune skin diseases, examination and treatment of hair loss. Fibroma removal and removal of old age warts with electrocautery or liquid nitrogen freezing. My main profile is comprehensive study, treatment and care of dermatological allergic diseases (drug allergies, food allergies, chronic urticaria, chemical allergies, hand eczema, atopic dermatitis, occupational allergies). Hay fever immunotherapy with oral drops.

Consultation hours

Specialty consultation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dermatology 14:00-16:00


Examination Price
first examination 15 000 HUF
follow-up 12 000 HUF
first examination – foreign patient 20 000 HUF
Prick test (inhalatory, nutritive) 10 000 HUF
Epicutan test per set 15 000 HUF
Cauteres intervention by body regions 15 000 HUF