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Dr. Klára Csipak

Dr. Klára Csipak

I received my general practitioner degree at the Medical University of Szeged, and my radiology specialist exam in Budapest in 1986.

I have spent 7 years working as a physician (general practitioner and later occupational doctor).

As a radiologist I have worked at the Szeged Hospital II and in Dr. Diósszilágyi Sámuel Hospital and Outpatient Clinic in Makó – in the latter for 8 years – as a head of Radiology Department.

I have been conducting ultrasound examinations since 1992 and I own a private surgery since 2002.

My professional experience: abdominal, pelvic, prostate, thyroid, soft tissue neck, breast, shoulder joint examination, circulation tests: carotid arteries, extremity arteries and veins, kidney arteries, examination through the vagina, prostate examination through the rectum.

Consultation hours

Specialty consultation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ultrasonography 8:00-12:00 15.00-18.30


Examination Price
Abdominal, pelvic ultrasound 15 000 HUF
Breasts 15 000 HUF
Thyroid 12 000 HUF
Circulation, carotid arteries 16 000 HUF
Low extremity arteries 17 000 HUF
Low extremity veins 16 000 HUF
Shoulder joint 15 000 HUF
Soft tissue 5-10 000 HUF
Testicle 15 000 HUF
Circulatory examination of renal arteries 20 000 HUF