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Dr. Varga Edina Tímea

Dr. Varga Edina Tímea

I had received the medical degree in 2002 at Szent-Györgyi Albert Medical University, Faculty of General Medicine (today called as Szeged University). I have been specialised in neurology at this university in 2008 and in clinical neurophysiology in Denmark in 2012 after working for almost 3 years in the Danish Epilepsy Center and Glostrup Hospital of Copenhagen University.

I made my scienticfic work in Germany at Georg August University in Goettingen and in Szeged, Hungary, finishing my PhD work in 2009.

I worked at the Department of Neurology, Szeged University between 2002-2009, then in Denmark between 2009-2012. After moving back to Hungary I worked for a year at Semmelweis University in Budapest, at the Department of Genomic Medicine and Rare Disorders. I always participated both in patients’s care (in- and outpatient clinic) and education of medical and physiotherapy students as well as postgraduate training of neurologists.

As a part-time job I worked for the Hungarian National Ambulance Service during many years.

Clinical neurophysiology is in the focus of my primary interest, mainly diagnostic procedures like nerve conduction study -NCS-, electromyography –EMG-, electroencephalography – EEG-. I routinely inject botulinum toxin for patients suffering spasticity, dystonia, blepharospasm and chronic migraine.

Language skills: fluent in Hungarian, English and Danish.

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Dr. Varga Edina Tímea