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Dr. Béla Fülöp

Dr. Béla Fülöp

I graduated from General Medical Faculty of the University of Szeged. During my university years I did scientific work at the Department of Neurosurgery, and I participated several times at the Scientific Students’ Associations Conference. Following that I have studied neurosurgery at University of Szeged, and widened my knowledge in different larger centers in Europe. I would like to highlight two of my mentors and teachers, professors Pál Barzó and Mihály Bodosi. At our Clinic, we are involved in several international studies and we conduct research with several renown international neurosurgery centers. Direct cerebral revascularization and bypass surgery is performed only at our clinic in Hungary.

Besides my clinical outpatient surgery, I treat patients at the Noé Health centre, in my private neurosurgery practice. My main areas of espertise and research: brain and spinal diseases of vascular origin, surgery of skull tumors, spinal surgery (minimally invasive interventions), pain relieving surgeries and interventions, treatment and surgery of cervical stenosis.


1996-2003 Bethlen Gábor Calvinist High School, Hódmezővásárhely

2003-2009 University of Szeged, General Medical Faculty, Szeged

Specialisation exams and certificates

2009 general medical degree

2015 neurosurgery specialist exam


2009- University of Szeged, Department of Neurosurgery


English intermediate level


  • May 2012: King’s College, London, UK, Daniel Walsh MD
  • 2012 Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminars, Neurosurgery
  • 2013 Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminars, Spine surgery
  • 2014 Vienna: European extra-intracranial bypass course
  • 2014 Vienna Neurological Clinic (AKH), Prof. Gruber

Further education courses of the European Association of Neurological Surgeons (EANS):

  • 2013 Prague, Czech Republic, EANS training course, Vascular Neurosurgery
  • 2014 Nicosia, Cyprus EANS training course, Brain tumors
  • 2015 Lisbon, Portugal, EANS training course, Skull trauma and functional neurosurgery

Membership in scientific societies

Hungarian Neurosurgery Society

Hungarian Spine Society

European Association of Neurological Surgeons (EANS)

Consultation hours

Specialty consultations Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Neurosurgery out of office


Examination Price
examination out of office
follow-up out of office
Dr. Béla Fülöp