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About Us

Why Noé (Noah)? There are several reasons.

One of them is that we like puns. Those who have visited us already are aware of the fact that the health centre has its headquarters in one of Szeged’s central, yet peaceful districts, in Bárka (Ark) street.

But Noah’s Ark means far more to us than a simple pun.

When we were looking for a name for our health centre, we were not only focused on the linguistic side.

Our doctors are dedicated, outstanding masters of their profession, who are also well-equipped with empathy and therefore take care of their patients with care and understanding.

By choosing Noé, you are committing yourself to an institution where paying attention to the patients, humanity and time dedicated to them all count, a place where you get answers to your questions, where you can share your thoughts and concerns, where you can feel safe.

We have created a comfortable, cosy, homey surgery where you can feel relaxed even if you are overwhelmed with problems and anxiety.

Similarly to Noah’s Ark, we have chosen our colleagues to have one doctor from each area of expertise. Since our philosophy is serving out patients’ needs at all costs, we shall provide you with help regarding the organisation of related examinations not carried out at out headquarters.

Our health is our most valuable asset, so it is in the interest of all of us to steer the ship well even in difficult times, and to do everything possible in order to achieve your satisfaction every time you visit us.

A well-completed task, and the joy of taking care and looking after our patients is what is the most important to our doctors, and your satisfaction is what reinforces our belief that we are doing the right thing.